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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows & Microblading FAQ's

Surrey & Hampshire Microblading Service

How to decide if microblading is right for you.

Semi-permanent eyebrows are a popular treatment for both men and women of all ages above the age of 18. During your free consultation we will discuss any concerns you have and make sure are happy to proceed. Below are some semi-permanent makeup FAQ's.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a popular form of semi-permanent makeup that mimics the look of natural brows. It’s a form of semi-permanent tattooing that gives the appearance of hair-like, natural-looking eyebrows.  


How is microblading done?

Using a hand-held tool, I  will create ‘microblades’ in your skin, these tiny cuts create channels that allow colour pigment to be implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. The result is very natural and realistic looking eyebrows.

What is the difference between Powder Brows, Ombre Brows & Microblading?

Powder brows are created using a tattoo machine, they are also sometimes referred to ‘machine brows’. This technique adds shading to your brows much like if you use powder makeup or pencil on your brows to fill them in. It does not create the crisp hair strokes of microblading. Ombre brows is a technique within powder brows that adds more definition to the middle and end of the brows, it is less defined at the front of the brow closest to the bridge of your nose. Combi-brows, or combination brows it a mixture of powder brows and microblading. Read more here.

How much does microblading cost in the UK?

The price of microblading can vary, it is important you feel confident and safe with your technician so choosing the right person for you is vital. At Elizabeth Rose Brows ETC, I pride myself on providing a safe, professional and also affordable service. I my prices are affordable,  microblading and powder brow package deals start from just £245! This includes a top-up session and aftercare balm.


How long does microblading last?

After your first microblading appointment, you are required to come in for a top-up session between 4 and 12 weeks later. After your top-up, it is advised that you keep your eyebrows topped up at least every 9-12 months although there is no guarantee how long the treatment will last from person to person. If you look after your microblading, you won't have to top-up as often.


How long does eyebrow microblading take?

Your initial microblading consultation will last around 15 minutes and your first appointment will take anywhere between 90 minutes and 2 and a half hours. The length of your microblading appointment will depend on a few factors, including how long it takes us to get the perfect shape of eyebrows for your face, and how easily the pigment retains in your skin.

Microblading Aftercare

After your eyebrow microblading appointments, it is important to take care to avoid infection. Microblading aftercare is simple and easy to follow. Please see my aftercare page for more information on how to care for your microbladed eyebrows.

Microblading reviews

Choosing the right technician to microblade your eyebrows is extremely important. Make sure they are insured and qualified and highly rated. Take a look at my client testimonials for reviews on my work. 



My name is Liz Little, I live in Tongham with my husband and two spaniels! I'm passionate about all things eyebrows. I have a VTCT Level 4 certificate in microblading, am fully insured and I am also a member of the Accredited Beauty Therapists (ABT). If you have any questions or want to know more about microblading, get in touch today for a chat.

All of my appointments are carried out in a private treatment room in Eggars Hill, Aldershot. I also offer a limited number of mobile appointments across Farnham and Waverley. Travel costs apply.

If you have any more questions, or you would like to find out more about whether or not semi-permanent makeup is for you, give me a call or fill out a contact form today.

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